Morris auto is working hard To keep your vehicles flawless.

Getting your vehicle repaired can be a pain, our goal is to remove as much stress as possible from the entire experience. We will do whatever we can to remove the hassle, repair the vehicle, keep it affordable, and get it back to you in a timely manner.

How it works?

In order for us to offer our customers the level of service they deserve we can not offer waiting appointment times.

Instead, we need to have your vehicle for the day. (24/7 pick-up / drop-off)

Drop your vehicle before 9:00 am and we can have most work finished by 5:00 pm same day.

This allows us to offer free estimates and the ability to keep labor cost down.

transparent pricing


Get an upfront, honest quote so there are no surprises

transparent pricing


Convenient text communication sent right to your phone

transparent pricing


24/7 vehicle pick up and drop off available

transparent pricing


Same Day Service on most repairs

We Repair and Service All Makes & Models

Our team of experienced technicians perform high quality repair work at a fair price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, with an appointment we can typically have your vehicle ready for you the same day. You can book your appointment right here or
call 585-424-6990. For non-appointment drop offs, vehicles are worked into our schedule as gaps open up. Usually this takes only one or two days depending on parts availability.

The ideal time to drop-off your car is between 8:00 am and 9:00 am Mon – Fri. However, we offer 24/7 vehicle drop-off located in our secure drop box on the building, to the right of the main entrance. We also provide 24/7 key lockers for after hour pick up to the left of our main entrance. Contact US for more details.

Unfortunately, due to Covid, things have changed and we can no longer shuttle customers. We do have ability to arrange Lyft services but Lyft availability is limited at this time due to Covid. We hope to update with more options soon. Contact US for more details.

Short answer is that it depends. It will depend on what parts you are referring to. There are customer parts that we will install and there are parts we will not install. This is decided case by case. There is a slightly higher labor rate when installing customer parts to offset lost revenue from not selling the part. Also, there is no warranty or guarantee under any circumstances when installing customer provided parts. Contact US for more details.

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